About Us

The Shutdown Monitor is a monthly listing of major shutdowns and industrial projects in Australia.   The Shutdown Monitor is designed to support trades people and contractors in their search for employment in their state or throughout Australia as these projects come on line.


The Shutdown Monitor gathers information from a variety of private and Government Departments.  As projects move through various stages of planning we monitor them and just before construction starts, we list them, which is when the majority of employment and sales opportunities arise.


Large scale shutdowns are planned in the petrochemical industry on a regular basis.  It is for this reason that we monitor them and for the very first time contractors will be able to know what shutdowns are coming up around the country before they start.  We aim to provide not only the start dates but also where possible; Preferred contractors, durations and manning levels.

Industrial Construction Projects

Large industrial construction projects are also listed.  In today’s labour market new projects are excellent arenas for employment opportunities as well as sales opportunities.  We aim to provide information on contractors that are winning contracts.  These companies are more than likely to employ people and purchase goods and services.

Typical Subscribers

Mechanical Fitters, Electricians, Boilermakers, Scaffolders, Welders, Crane Drivers, Riggers & Supervisors.  Corporations that subscribe to the Shutdown Monitor are labour hire companies, engineering companies, equipment hire companies and other subcontractors.


The Shutdown Monitor Newsletter is an innovative idea and concept, seen here for the first time in Australia.  We are not affiliated with any company or organization and are completely independent.  The future is in your hands!